Comal ISD

Teen Drivers Education offered at the following High schools:
Canyon High School
Canyon Lake High School
Smithson Valley High School

  • Concurrent Course: $410.00

    - 32-hour classroom course instruction with 14 hours in the car instruction

    - Must be 15 years and up

  • Phase I: $375.00

    - 32-hour classroom instruction

    - Must be 14 years of age

  • Phase II: $35.00

    - Must have completed phase I at a central park location

    - Must be 15 years of age

  • Please note that previous to your first day of class we ask that you complete the first 30 questions of the 85 Study and Review Questions
    Class C Operators - 85 Study and Review Questions

  • -Please use the New! Texas Driver's Handbook - July 2012.
    New! Texas Driver's Handbook - July 2012

  • Instructions:

    -write out the full question and write the answer on the following line.

    -skip a line between all questions

    -use black ink and loose notebook paper

    -write on the front of your page

    -any questions that states to "describe" a sign or ask "which sign" simply draw the sign instead of describing it in words.

  • Required Class Materials

    - 3 ring binder and 1 pack of dividers

    - 1 pack notebook paper

    - 2 black pens


Canyon Lake Reg Date:6/4/19 room A102
Smithson Valley Reg Date: 6/5/19 room 45A
Canyon High Reg Date: 6/6/19 room C-103
Registration is from 5:30 to 6:30 pm at the school, see class room number above
Dates Offered Class Time
June 10, 2019 - July 3, 2019 11:00 - 1:00


Online Registration Available!

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For classroom or in-car only students (including 14 yr-olds and transfer students), please call for more information: