Enrollment Contract - Teen Driver Education at Central Park Driving School (Special Promotion)



Central Park Driving School C1647

7115 Blanco Rd Ste 114

San Antonio, Texas 78216

(210) 344 - 4351

(210) 344-3886 FAX



Please enter the following information:

Student's Full Legal Name:

Must be typed exactly as it appears on the student's original birth certificate.


Student's Date of Birth:


Student's Age (at the time of this signing):    

High School/Jr. School:    

Student's Address:

Primary Phone :     

Alternate Phone :     

Parent Name:     

Parent Email Address:   


Course Details:

Classroom instruction begins October 24th, 2022 at 5:00 PM and is expected to end November 21st, 2022 .    

All In-Car and make-up classroom lessons must be completed within 180 days from the above scheduled start date of class. Failure to complete all in-car and make-up classroom lessons within 180 days of the above scheduled start date of class will result in the closure of this contract without the issuance of a completion certificate - after which, if a student wishes to complete the concurrent Teen Driver Education program, a student may sign a new contract allowing an additional 90 days from the date of its signing. There is a $60 re-contract fee to do so.    

Completed classroom notebook is due on the last day of class.     



Tuition/Fee Schedule:

Concurrent Program (includes classroom & in-car): $385 + Fuel Surcharge


Number of Lessons: 16 | Course Length : 32 Hrs | Length of Lesson: 2 Hrs | Cost per Lesson: $21.94 | Course Rate: $351


Number of Lessons: 7 | Course Length: 14 Hrs | Length of Lesson: 2 Hrs | Cost per Lesson: $7.00 | Course Rate: $49


*Administrative Expenses: up to $50    |    Transfer Fee: $35      |      Fuel Surcharge: $15


Refund Policy:

  1. Refund computations will be based on actual instruction received through the last date of attendance.
  2. The effective date of the termination for refund purposes will be the earliest of the following:
    1. the last day of attendance, if the student is terminated by the school; or
    2. the date of receipt of written notice from the student.
  3. If tuition is collected in advance of entrance and, *if after the expiration of the 72-hour cancellation privilege, the student does not enter school, terminates enrollment, or withdraws, the school may retain up to $50 as administrative expenses and, from the remainder, shall refund that portion of the classroom tuition and fees and behind-the-wheel tuition and fees for services not previously received by the student.
  4. Refunds for items of extra expense tot he student, including instructional supplies, books, laboratory fees, service charges, rentals, deposits, and all other such ancillary miscellaneous charges, will be made within 30 days after the effective date of enrollment termination, if these items are stated separately and shown as part of the data furnished the student before enrollment.
  5. A full refund of all tuition and fees is due and refundable in each of the following cases:
    1. when an enrollee is not accepted by the school;
    2. if the course of instruction is discontinued by the school at this location; or
    3.  if the student's enrollment was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials of the school, or misrepresentation by the owner or representation of the school.
  6. Refunds shall be completed within 30 days after the effective date of termination.





A full refund will be made to any student who cancels the enrollment contract before midnight of the third, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, after the enrollment contract is signed by the prospective student, unless the student has completed the course and accepted a certificate of completion during that period.



If a student is absent in excess of 5 days of the scheduled classroom training time, he or she will be terminated. A full hour of absence is charged to the student when he or she does not attend the full 55 minutes of instruction during a 60-minute period.



Appropriate standards shall be implemented to ascertain the progress of the students. Progress standards shall meet the requirements of the current rules adopted by the commissioner of education.

Mastery is a prerequisite to awarding a grade of 70 or above. Evidence of mastery shall be determined by one or more of the following methods: 1) unit tests; 2) written assignments; 3) skills performance checklist; and 4) comprehensive examinations of knowledge and skills.

The progress evaluation record shall be of the type and nature to reflect whether the student is making satisfactory progress to the point of being able to complete all subject matter within the allotted time provided in this contract.



A student or prospective student may be dismissed or barred from the class for tardiness, drunkenness or consumption of alcohol on the premises; rude, vulgar or disruptive behavior in the classroom; smoking or using tobacco products; or being generally inattentive (sleeping, reading, etc.) during class. Students terminated for violation rules of conduct may be readmitted at the discretion of the school director.



  • I agree to pay $25.00 for a behind-the-wheel driving lesson if student is a no show (invalid permit, no permit) or fails to cancel at least 4 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson.     
  • I agree that the student must have proper license in his or her possession for any behind-the-wheel lesson or lesson will be cancelled and the student will be charged $25.00.     
  • I understand that the school does not guarantee the student a driver’s license.    
  • I understand that the school reserves the right to reschedule a lesson (including classroom instruction) or to make available an alternate lesson or car in the event of inclement weather, unavailability of instructor or car, or any other factor beyond the school’s control.    
  • I understand that cell phones may NOT be used in class or in the car.     


One-On-One Instruction:

All in-car lessons are scheduled two (2) students at a time. If another student cancels his/her driving lesson, your child may drive one-on-one with an instructor in order to complete his/her scheduled lesson. Please select one of the following:



The TDLR Agency licenses this driver education school and its instructors. As the parent or guardian of a teenager, you are entitled to know the minimum requirements of a teen driver education course.

  • There are thirty-two (32) required hours of classroom instruction. The classroom instruction phase shall be completed within the timelines stated in this contract and all 32 hours must be attended and successfully completed or made up. Only two (2) hours of scheduled classroom instruction are permitted per day.
  • Your teen must attend the first six (6) hours of classroom instruction before a learner's permit will be issued by DPS. Seven (7) clock hours of in-car driving instruction and an additional seven (7) clock hours of in-car observation are required. Sixty minutes of actual driving per day is the maximum allowable.
  • There is a maximum of five (5) hours of driver training activities per day. These activities include scheduled classroom, make-up classroom, behind-the-wheel driving, and simulator training. A two-hour increment of behind-the-wheel instruction may be offered once during the behind-the-wheel phase of instruction for each student.
  • If your teen transfers to another school or driver training program, timelines may change and credits for classroom and/or in-car training may not be transferable to the new driver training school.
  • In-car driving and observation must be completed within the timelines stated in this contract. (Note: During peak enrollment periods, in-car instruction times could be subject to availability.)
  • IF YOU HAVE REASON TO BELIEVE THAT THESE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT BEING MET, PLEASE CALL: Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Driver Education and Safety (800) 803-9202 (in state only) (512) 463-6599



*Student must be 15 years of age and will need the following documents:

  1. Original State Certified Birth Certificate
  2. DE-964 (Central Park Driving School will Provide)
  3. VOE Enrollment Form (obtain from student's High School)
  4. Social Security Card (Original)
  5. One Parent
  6. DPS Application with fee $11/$12/$13
  7. Corrective Lenses if needed.
  8. Two Proof of Residency: *Last Report Card *Bank Statement *Insurance Card *Utility Bill *Voter ID Card *Vehicle Registration


To be issued a provisional driver license (phase II) in the state of Texas, you must bring the following documentation to your local driver license office:

  1. Application for a Provisional Texas Driver License
  2. Proof of Identity (Your Texas Learner License insufficient)
  3. Evidence of Lawful Status (If you are not a U.S. Citizen)
  4. Proof of Social Security Number
  5. Proof of Completion for an Impact Texas Driver (ITD) course
  6. Proof of Completion for Driver Education
  7. Verification of Enrollment and Attendance in School or its equivalent
  8. Proof of Insurance (if you will be taking a driving test)
  9. Issuance Fee



  • This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student and no verbal assurances or promises not contained herein shall bind the school or the student.
  • The school is prohibited from issuing a DE-964 if the student has not met all of the requirements for course completion, and the student should not accept a DE-964 under such circumstances.
  • This driver education school maintains business vehicle insurance as required by the Transportation Code, Chapter 601, and uninsured or underinsured coverage

I have been furnished a copy of the school tuition schedule; cancellation and refund policy; and school regulations pertaining to absence, grading policy, progress, and rules of operation and conduct. I further realize that any grievances not resolved by the school may be forward to : Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Driver Education and Safety, PO Box 12157, Austin, TX 78711 - (800) 803-9202 (in state only) (512) 463-6599.


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