Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What Do I Need For Student Processing?

  • Original birth certificate

  • Original social security card

  • VOE – the student gets this form from their high school attendance office

    - It is only valid for 30 days

    - Student must meet attendance guidelines per their school requirements

  • Two proofs of residence

    – Proof of residence needs to be in the name of the parent/guardian who is bringing the student to process, parent must have a valid ID.

    - Name of parent/ guardian and physical house address must be on the proof of residence

    - Proof of residence must not be for the current month. Proof of residence should be at least 30 days old but no more than 90 days old. (Examples: car insurance, voters’ registration, water bill, electric bill, bank statement, and vehicle registration. Please call regarding other forms.)

  • DE- 964- issued by your class room instructor

  • Texas application DL 14-A

    - Use black ink only

    - Do not sign the back of form

    - Questions #2 and #5 are marked as no

    - Please use “x” not check marks

  • 10.00 cash

  • Call to make appointment

  • For students who live out of town you will be required to drive to the san Antonio location to process: address 7115 Blanco Rd. Ste. 114 San Antonio, TX 78216

  • Processing is done on Saturday by appointment – appointments are scheduled after your student has passed their permit test.


Items you need for Driver's License Test at DPS?

  • 1. Watch the Impact Texas Teen Drivers Video Log on to and register Select "Licensed" and enter our school code: C1647 Print certificate once completed have parent sign

  • 2. TEA or VOE

  • 3. DE-964 ( green certificate)

  • 4. Social Security Card

  • 5. 30 hour parent log

  • 6. $16.00

Appointments can be scheduled by visiting the DPS website (located under our general links)