Online Make-Up Classes

Online Make-Up Classes

How to Make-Up a Class Day Online

Beginning April 6, 2020:
All classes will be given in a Distance Learning format.

The 1st half of each class day will be given through a live webinar according to the posted class schedules.

For the Class/Webinar schedule click here.
To join a live webinar click here.
Meeting Password: 78216

We are using Zoom to host all webinars. To learn more about Zoom or sign up for a free Zoom account click here.

Webinars will begin at the designated time for each class day.
You may join a webinar before it begins. When you join a webinar, you will be placed in the waiting room until you are admitted by your instructor.
Your instructor will admit each student one by one in order to mark each student's attendance for that day.
You must join a webinar before the presentation begins. Once the presentation begins, you will not be admitted from the waiting room. We recommend joining a webinar a few minutes before the designated start time to guarantee admittance.
When you are admitted to a webinar your camera must be turned on. This is a legal requirement that allows us to give credit for your attendance within a distance learning format.
Please join the webinar(s) with your microphone turned on as well. Your instructor may ask you to mute your microphone during class time in order to reduce audio interference.

The 2nd half of each class will be given as an online homework assignment.

To complete the online homework assignment:
Go to
Click on the class day that corresponds to your webinar day.
Enter the username: driver
Enter the password: c19online

You may only complete one online homework assignment per calendar day.

You will take a quiz at the end of each assignment to verify completion.
When you register for your quiz, enter your driving school's email address:

We will receive proof of your assignment completion and you will be given course credit!

Please DO NOT complete more than one online homework assignment per calendar day. We can only give credit for the first assignment completed each calendar day.