What is your refund policy?

Please contact us to discuss any matters on a refund.

Road Test

What do I do after I pass my road test?

When you pass the road test, you will be given a sealed envelope containing your original driver education documents and the test results. The envelope must be submitted to the DPS for your restrictions to be dropped and a new license to be issued. The envelope is not a substitute for the license.

Adult Driver Ed

How do I get a permit?

All adults 18 to 24 who are applying for a learner's license (permit) are required to take a 6 hour adult driver education course.  

Adults 25 and older are not required to take the adult driver education course but may if they choose.  They must take the DPS written exams.  

Everyone applying for a learner's license (permit) regardless of age must watch the IMPACT video (https://impacttexasdrivers.dps.texas.gov/ITYD/).

Please see the document "Applying for a Learner's License- Adults" in our resource section for a list of documents needed to apply for a permit.

Teen Driver Ed

What is a Verification of Enrollment?

A Verification of Enrollment (VOE) is a document issued by the school that the student attends.  The VOE is used to verify a teen's enrollment status in a high school or homeschool program and that they are in good standing with their attendence. Students with excessive absences or tardies will not be issued a VOE.

For students who have graduated early, a high school diploma may be substitued for the VOE.

How do I get a permit

You must take the following items to the Texas Department of Public Safety when you apply for your Texas Learner's Permit:

  • Student's birth certificate (original or certified copy only), US passport, or Resident Alien Card
  • Social Security Card - Original
  • Verification of Enrollment (VOE) and Attendance Form (get from your high school)
  • Parent's proof of Texas residency (2 documents are needed, i.e. utility bills)
  • Parent's proof of relationship to student
  • DE-964 Form (get from the driving school)
  • Parent must sign the Texas residency affidavit at the DPS.
What is the classroom attendance policy?

You are allowed to miss up to five days or 10 classroom hours. These classes can be made up by attending the next time the lesson is held. For example, if you miss day 5 and 7, then you need to come in on days 5 and 7 of another class.

If you miss more than 10 classroom hours, the student enrollment will be terminiated and you will need to take the entire class over.

If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will be marked absent for the day.

What age can I start driver education?

You can start driver education once you are 14 years of age; however, you can't recieve the learner's permit until you turn 15 years old. 


How long are the driving lesson?

Teen behind-the-wheel driving lessons are two hours long (one hour of driving and one hour of observation).

Adults behind-the-wheel driving lessons are one hour long.

Can I use my own personal vehicle?

All lessons are taught in the school's vehicles as they are equipped with safety features for teaching new drivers.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a driving lesson?

All cancelations must me made atleast 24 in advance. If you're scheduled Saturday-Monday, lessons must be canceled by Friday before 12pm. 

Can I request a specific instructor?

We encourage students to receive training from any of our instructors, but if you'd like a specific instructor that can be accomodated. 

Will other students be in the vehicle with me?

At most their is three people in a vehicle (one instructor and two students). Majority of the time their is another teeenage student observing for their required observation hours.

Do you offer pick-up and drop-off service for driving lessons?

Unfortunately, we don't offer pick-up and drop-off services. All lessons start and end at our location.

When can I start behind-the-wheel training?

Any and all lessons must be paid in full to begin any driving lessons. You must have a valid learner's permit or license to start.